Many (though not all) bakeries in Chinatown are Hong Kong–style and self-serve: grab a tray, pile it up with baked goods (use the tongs, not your hands), then bring it to the counter to pay. Oftentimes, the items are $1 each. (Hot items, like steamed pork buns, are usually in a warmer by the register; you’ll have to point for those.) In general, Chinese baked goods are less intensely sweet than Western ones, and the texture leans toward the chewier side. You’ll find lots of bread buns, either steamed or baked, filled with sweet filling like red bean or lotus paste, savory ones like pork floss, or more Western-style fillings like cream and fruit. Also delicious: egg custard tarts (derived from Portuguese influence), sponge cakes (the texture is bit like angel food cake), and Swiss-style “roll” cakes — sponge-like in texture with a hint of saltiness to the sweet cream.