Chinese love to eat, and in China, the way you mark any special occasion, from a birthday, to a wedding, to a noteworthy work event, is to hold a banquet. Chinatown has both giant banquet halls meant to accommodate huge groups, and modest-sized restaurants with round banquet tables for fitting big groups of perhaps 8-10 people. If you go in to such a place on a busy day with a smaller group, expect to get seated at the same table with other groups. The menus are self-explanatory and dishes, which are large and meant for group sharing, are usually brought out and set on a lazy Susan in the middle of the table. A handy thing to know, however, is that there’s usually a separate banquet menu you can for, with a variety of many-course set meals to pick from (some heavier on seafood or meat, some heavier on “exotic” items like abalone, etc.) These are usually in Chinese, but if you’re feeling adventurous, invite 10 friends, ask for a banquet set-meal, and see what happens.