"My Home" by Louis Chan

My Home is an ongoing series that Louis Chan began in 2011 as a way of exploring the Chinese immigrant experience and lifestyle in New York City. Chan’s primary interest lies in the way Chinese people assimilate or resist assimilation to American culture, and how they are able to negotiate these dual Chinese and American identities. His large-scale photographs capture small, cramped and crowded New York City apartments and working spaces filled with decorative items that Chinese immigrants and Chinese Americans treasure and display, representing Chinese culture, identity, and psyche in a very personal way. My Home expresses Chan’s wish to preserve a record of the objects and lives contained in these interior spaces before they become displaced. Although the photographs capture the spaces of friends, family and strangers alike – sharing close similarities in the appropriation of posters, photographs and ornaments as décor – they reflect Chan’s own personal memories and experiences and he sees the documented collections of objects as an extension of his own relationship with his Chinese American identity.