Noodles & Dumplings


Chinese people can talk for hours about what particular area of China they come from, and correspondingly, what particular type of noodles and dumping are favored there. Broadly speaking, Hong Kong/Cantonese restaurants will include egg noodles on their menus; those representing southern regions will feature rice noodles of varying thicknesses, and northerners favor wheat-based noodles, in a myriad of shapes, much the way pasta varies in Italy. Dumplings vary by region too. Southerners prefer thinner wrappings, and the most classic fillings involve pork and vegetables. Soup dumplings, which include a hit of broth in with the filling, are popular too. In northern China, it’s just as much about the wheat wrapping as it is about the fillings, and the dough will likely be thicker and chewy, while filling options might include ingredients less familiar to southerners, like lamb and pumpkin.